A OSMA Award (stylized as The OSMAs), or OSMA (Abbreviation from Ondo State Music Award), is an award presented by Mars Promotions to recognize achievements in the state music industry. The annual presentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and the presentation of those awards that have a more popular interest. The OSMAs is one the biggest major music award in Nigeria. Our findings shows that The OSMAs is the only indigenous music award in Nigeria. You can simply relate with “OSMA” as not just an abbreviation but a name on its own, meaning 3 stars in different sizes and heights. In the build up to its 5th edition, the organizers of the award ceremony announced that it’s now open to receive materials from artists that are based outside the State, changing the award to a national one. The new goal is to make it a national music awards that rewards excellence in our fast rising artiste across the country.
The OSMAs had their origin from Ondo State Industry Night and also Akure Industry Night which was an annual event organized by Torch Campus Magazine and Sinerule Entertainment between 2014 and 2015. As the organizers of the events then used the opportunity to compile a list of important recording industry people who should be recognized in one way or the other. They noticed that the industry night was not in any way recognizing the work of music stars within their environment so they decided to rectify this by creating an award given by their industry similar to the Headies and NEA. After it was decided to create such an award, there was still a question of what to call it. Since the motive behind the idea is to recognize artistes based in Ondo State, Nigeria, the name for the award was not far-fetched. “We use to have Ondo State Industry Night, why can’t we have Ondo State Music Awards”, quoted from one of the organizers. The name was fixed and that was the beginning of the OSMA Body, otherwise called Team OSMA.
The first award ceremony (The Genesis) was held at Exclusive Event Centre, Akure on December 4th 2016 and 15 OSMAs were awarded. The number of awards given grew and fluctuated over the years with categories added and removed. The second OSMA Award (The Resurgence), held in December 17, 2017 at St Thomas Event Centre Akure gave out 25 OSMAs. The Third OSMA Award (The Emergence), held in September 30th 2018 (finally taking the event away from the festive period of December) at Ruby’s Court Event Centre, Akure gave out 23 OSMAs. The Fourth OSMA Award (The Convergence), held on September 29th 2019 at Ruby’s Court Event Centre, Akure (Same venue the third edition was held) gave out 25 OSMAs.
The gold-plated trophies, each depicting a gilded three different sizes of stars, are made with hand by Who is Next Art, Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to the 2018 OSMAs, the original OSMA design was brought to life, changing from its traditional wooden texture, making the trophy bigger, more beautiful and grander.
Taking a good look at the OSMA Trophy, you will notice that the three stars are of different sizes in different heights. This is believed to show the different levels of an artiste music career. They are using the trophy to depict that you (Artistes) are a star at any particular level. You only need to grow in your stardom to become the biggest star like the one on top of the trophy. It’s a motivational trophy.
As at October 2019, a total of 88 OSMA trophies had been awarded.
In 2016, the award organizers started with the following categories:
1. Song of the year
2. Artiste of the year
3. Best New Act
4. Achievement in Lyrical Depth
5. Achievement in Vocals
6. Best Act on Campus
7. Music Producer of the year
8. Achievement in Artiste Management
9. Achievement in Disk Jockey
10. Achievement in Club Hype
11. Best Music Hangout
12. Best Online Music Platform
13. Best Music OAP
14. Best Music Media House
15. Special Recognition (Honorary)
In 2017, the award organizers removed Best Music OAP and Best Music Media House and added 10 new categories:
1. Best Collaboration
2. Best Artiste in Diaspora
3. Best Alternative Song
4. Best Female Performance
5. Best R&B/Pop Single
6. Best Rap Single
7. Best Street Hop/Dance Hall Song
8. OSMA Fans Choice Award
9. Recording of the year
10. Hall of Fame (Honorary)
In 2018, the award organizers removed Recording of the year and no new category was added
In 2019, the award organizers added 2 new categories:
1. Music Video of the year (Two OSMA Trophies will be given out, one for the artiste and the other for the music video director)
2. Gospel Song of the year
Best Music Online Platform was not presented due to very low commitment.
Song of the year is always adjudged as the biggest award of The OSMAs and its winner is always announced last.
All recording artistes within and outside Ondo State are eligible to register their songs and music videos with the award body for proper review. The OSMAs media team will upload the songs and music videos on The OSMAs official website to authenticate the registration.  Towards the end of the review year, the award body will forward all songs and music videos registered to The Jury, the statutory body entitled to handle The OSMAs Nomination. The Juries will in turn send the nomination list back after 30 days of working on all the songs and music videos using good content and massive promotion as major criteria.
After nominees have been determined, The OSMAs voting portal will be opened on its official website and official Instagram page (Social Influence). Towards the end of the voting period, nominees are entitled to sell few amount of the event’s ticket to family and friends, this we call Personal Influence. The web voting is always 50% of total votes. The social influence is 20% of total comments gained from fans and the personal influence is based on speed. How fast you can sell the tickets will earn you the maximum 30%. The personal influence is designed to be the tie breaker. So no matter what, The OSMA voting pattern can never record a tie. The voting period is always 21 days.
The first edition in 2016 was hosted by MC Hondastevo and Domino Richards (Miss NYSC, Ondo State as at that time). In the build-up to its second edition, foremost OAP, Sweet Steve was contacted to co-host with Cinderella, one of Nigeria’s biggest facial model. A week to the event, Cinderella called the Executive Producer of the awards that she has “Flu” and very sick that she won’t be able to make it to Akure for the award show. Sweet Steve had to host the show alone with the help of Victor Brown. So in the build up to the third edition in 2018, the award body cancelled the idea of double hosts, sticking to just one host and making the selected person the face of the event. MC Labanj was favored to host the third edition in 2018. MC Layor hosted the fourth edition in 2019.
The first edition was themed, The Genesis, because it was the first edition. The second edition was themed The Resurgence, because the organizers had to rekindle and bring back their lost interest in the awards. The third edition was themed, The Emergence, because the organizers felt the award is becoming more visible and prominent. The fourth edition was themed The Convergence because the organizer felt there is a need for unity and uniformity amongst entertainers in the state. The major aim for the fourth edition, according to the organizers is to bring all entertainers in the state together at the event. The Theme for the fifth edition is The Coronation, aimed at expanding the scope of the awards.
After the success of the first edition of the Awards in December 2016, the organizers saw the need to organize an artiste night that will enable artistes perform all their recorded songs live, since the award ceremony accommodates very few music performances. So on February 28th 2017, the first edition of the industry night was staged at 02 base Arena (A very popular club house in Akure) and it pulled recording artistes from far and near. Its second edition was taken to the northern part of the state. X-lounge, Akungba- Akoko hosted it on May 26th 2018 while its 3rd edition was taken to the southern part of the state. Domfav Hotel and Suites, Okitipupa hosted it on May 25th 2019, this particular edition was tagged Okitipupa Invasion.
It’s a party to celebrate all the nominees for a particular edition of the awards and also to liberate them on the need for a healthy competition. The first nominees’ party was held at Shaunz Royale (formally Shaunz Lounge) in October 2016. The second nominees’ party was held at Fingerlicking Sport Bar in October 2017 while the third nominees’ party which was tagged “love meets music” was also held at Fingerlicking Sport Bar in 2018.
2016 –
1. Nass GY
2. Omaviella
3. Bobby
4. Bobcity
5. Shyboi
6. 911 Exclusive
7. MC Bafana
8. Hypeguru Blake
9. Hypeking Heddie
10. MC Marcel
11. DJ Cool Jeff
12. Official DJ Arab
13. DJ Massive
14. DJ Kaykang
15. VDJ Kings
16. DJ Vyno Tyno
17. DJ Busfas
18. Naezy
19. Yebo (2)
20. Ofizz
21. Ejay Harkeens
22. Dayne Evans
23. Already Made King
24. Slim Entertainment
25. House2 Entertainment
26. Sinerule Entertainment
27. Coldman (3)
28. Slimfit (2)
29. Josze
30. Papipoza
31. A’deh
32. Moxie
33. Souqui Jay
34. Willywillz
35. Xsmile (2)
36. MFB
37. Samwell
38. Qsberg
39. IG Blaq
40. Crazy Beatz
41. Fingerlicking Sport Bar
42. Shaunz Lounge
43. 02 Base Arena
44. Club 20
45. Sharpgist.com
46. House2tv.com
48. Codedwap.com
49. Naijapals.com
50. Phansy
51. Superwozzy (2)
52. Samestimi
53. Analog
54. Deola
55. Deek
2017 –
1. Slimfit (3)
2. Bennylee (4)
3. Scripts (4)
4. Superwozzy (3)
5. Deola (3)
6. MFB (2)
7. Ovuemax (2)
8. IssyMSK (2)
9. Zinwestta (2)
10. Samwell
11. 3GA (2)
12. M’Jay Ice
13. Seriki Poly (2)
14. Bobcity (2)
15. Dr. Crude (3)
16. Flex A (3)
17. Omaviella (2)
18. Ceeprinx (2)
19. Alagapidru
20. Ellywhite (2)
21. Dollykish (2)
22. Maxiqueen
23. Aliza
24. Princess Dewunmi
25. Sahel
26. Yemmit (3)
27. Deewhizz
28. Lyrical Sniper
29. Tiz-Star
30. Prodigy Beatz
31. Timmy Y (2)
32. Braynzee
33. Dacoustic
34. Slim Entertainment
35. Red Hillz Entertainment
36. Pidru Records
37. EKZ Dynasty Records
38. CC Records
39. Slim Cash Entertainment
40. MSK Nation
41. Demo NN
42. Skyfitt
43. Usherdee
44. Oluwashegzy
45. T-Flix
46. Ben Jay
47. Sam Jay
48. Ogrinnee (2)
49. Tee W
50. Lover Boi
51. Nass GY
52. Charlie Toxin
53. Dhezzy
54. Evergreen
55. Goldex
56. Kingskid (King C)
57. El_Teezy
58. Moe’9ix
59. Chaze
60. DCO
61. Wizrad
62. Frosh Billings
63. Kekero
64. Yung Tee
65. Adolescx
66. DJ Bobwhy
67. DJ Kaykang
68. DJ Roszay
69. DJ Khoded
70. DJ Kor
71. DJ Wallace
73. Sharpgist.com
74. Naijapals.com
75. Stechitesconnect.com
76. Schoolentertainer.com
77. Rapbaze.com
78. Smart360news.com
79. MC Marcel
80. Hype MC Bafana
81. Hypeking Heddie
82. Hypeman Soft
83. Hypeman Mekel
84. Mydaz Club, Owo
85. 02 Base Arena
86. Fingerlicking Sport Bar
87. Shaunz Lounge (Shaunz Royale)
88. Yeklox Lounge
89. X-Lounge
90. Mz Kiss
91. Jay Rapiano
92. Kwest
93. Flex B
94. Seun Kobbe
95. Chinko Ekun
2018 –
1. Rich Prince (2)
2. Solt (2)
3. Feran Banks (2)
4. IssyMSK (3)
5. DCO (3)
6. Olah DC (3)
7. Fabexino (4)
8. Ovuemax (2)
9. Harris
10. Nafey
11. Lucky HD
12. Lordvic
13. Lil_Legzy (2)
14. Mizu
15. Usherdee (2)
16. Dopey (4)
17. Ayox
18. King Harrashy (2)
19. Mistaicey
20. Stillz
21. Judesongz
22. Mz Khay (3)
23. Freezy Emmy
24. Ceeprinx (3)
25. T-Flix
26. Deji Cruz
27. Revelation Tharapman
28. Rayrex
29. IK Nelson
30. Hykaydee
31. Shayopro (2)
32. Bayziq (2)
33. Timmy Y (2)
34. Yung Prinz
35. Zlowkid
36. Pkay
37. El_Teezy (2)
38. Tizzy
39. PGee Pro
40. Kolly B
41. Braynzee
42. Max Nation
43. MSK Nation
44. Geehi Music World
45. Chancy Entertainment
46. 0292 Entertainment
47. Coker Records
48. Kinsly Pukka
49. Prablue
50. Bennylee
51. Yungross
52. Youngace Armani
53. IPman
54. Piper Ray
55. Matyma
56. Adedam
57. Wizzidee
58. MZ Moren
59. Ellywhite
60. Mercytonx
61. Princess Dewunmi
62. Teju Chords
63. Chris Chuks
64. AYmid
65. Kwest
66. Ceezar
67. Kayzmoore
68. Blue Ice
69. Jay Rapiano
70. Young Oche
71. MC Marcel
72. MC Locomotive
73. Hypeking Heddie
74. Hypeman Cherubim
75. Hypeman Mekel
76. MC Prof
77. DJ Bobwhy
78. DJ Kor
79. DJ Roszay
80. DJ Kaykang
81. DJ Fado
82. DJ Package
83. 02 Base Arena
84. Chillies Night Club
85. Shaunz Royale
86. Fingerlicking Sport Bar
87. De Planet Lounge, Owo
88. X-Lounge
89. Sharpgist.com
92. Ariyabaze.com
93. Palitomedia.com
2019 –
1. Bayziq (7)
2. DJ Bobwhy (2)
3. Rich Prince (3)
4. Feran Banks (2)
5. Prablue (3)
6. Lucky HD (5)
7. Skrim & Milly (2)
8. Bennylee (3)
9. S2DK (2)
10. Artim Gee
11. Gabazin (3)
12. Dr Lee
13. Betlizz (2)
14. Horla Bee (2)
15. Lil Splash
16. Jp3ple2 (2)
17. Shorly T
18. Revelation Tharapman (2)
19. Freezy Emmy
20. DJ Toy
21. Olah DC (3)
22. Ceeprinx (3)
23. El_Moreno
24. IssyMSK
25. Wizlake
26. King Harrashy
27. Deji Cruz
28. Paladin & Phyzzy
29. Veeclexy
30. Young Oche
31. Don Silva
32. Moenice
33. Kidoben
34. King C
35. Skido
36. Yemmit
37. Agba
38. Zlowkid
39. Whizphem
40. YFcee
41. Enigango
42. Wizrad
43. Prech (2)
44. Rosyem
45. Mz Moren
46. AYmid
47. Diva Oyin
48. Reminicent Tyga
49. Jaytee
50. Legendo
51. Nuruhcole
52. Tope Famuyide
53. Fidelis Truth
54. Nath
55. Omoba Lafin Jesu
56. Lizzy Folorunso
57. Shayopro
58. D Wizards
59. DBeatHandle
60. Blaqman
61. Captain Sounds
62. Legendary Vibes
63. Chancy Entertainment
64. Hills Entertainment
65. Pidru Records
66. 0292 Music Squad
67. DJ Roszay
68. DJ Esbam
69. DJ Ruff
70. Hypeking Heddie
71. MC Marcel
72. Hypeguru Blake
73. Hypeman Kako CM
74. Shaunz Royale
75. 02 Base Arena
76. Luna Night Club
77. X-Lounge
1. Bayziq (9) 1
2. Bennylee (8) 5
3. Ceeprinx (8) 0
4. IssyMSK (6) 1
5. Olah DC (6) 2
6. Slimfit (5) 0
7. Superwozzy (5) 1
8. Rich Prince (5) 0
9. Lucky HD (5) 1
10. Feran Banks (5) 3
11. DJ Bobwhy (5) 3
OSMA Award record with 5 OSMAs, Bennylee is the artist with the most OSMA wins. Feran Banks and Prablue in second place with 3 OSMA trophies each.
2016 –
Mr Gbenga Ogbeide (CEO G2 Entertainment)
2017 –
MC Honda Stevo (Compere, Comedian & OSMA 2016 Co-Host)
Mr Seun Alabi (CEO, Shaunz Royale)
Rich & Phamous (Artiste in Diaspora)
2018 –
Mr Frank Uwakubonye (CEO, Geehi Music World)
Madam Grace Ene Anteyi (CEO, Ageless Modeling agency)
2019 –
Madam Ewatomilola Emiola Owoeye (CEO, B&B Pro Events)
Mr Tosin Owolabi (CEO, LXG Media Limited)
The Management of Sunview Hotels
We started this set of awards in 2019. The traditional OSMA Trophy is not presented.
2019 –
Mr Lulu Fawehinmi (Special Assistant to Ondo State Governor on Research & Documentation)
Mr Moses Okoro (Oba Bombay)
2016 –
It was not presented.
2017 –
Slimfit (Artiste)
2018 –
Mr Gbenga Ogbeide (CEO G2 Entertainment)
2019 –
Lord of Ajasa (Artiste)
2016 –
1. Coldman (Artiste of the year)
2. Superwozzy (Song of the year)
3. MFB (Best New Act)
4. Shy Boy (Achievement in Lyrical Depth)
5. Yebo (Achievement in Vocals)
6. Deola (Best Act on Campus)
7. IG Blaq (Music Producer of the year)
8. Slim Entertainment (Achievement in Artiste Management)
9. Sharpgist.com (Best Online Music Platform)
10. 02 Base Arena (Best Music Hangout)
11. MC Marcel (Achievement in Club Hype)
12. Official DJ Arab (Achievement in Disk Jockey)
13. Sweet Steve (Best Music OAP)
14. Orange 94.5 FM (Best Music Media House)
2017 –
1. Bennylee (4) (Song of the Year, Artiste of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Alternative Song)
2. Scripts (2) (Recording of the Year, Achievement in Lyrical Depth)
3. Yemmit (Best Street Hop/Dance Hall Song)
4. Ellywhite (Best Female Performance)
5. Timmy Y (Music Producer of the year)
6. DCO (Achievement in Vocals)
7. Ogrinne (Best R&B/Pop Single)
8. Usherdee (Best Rap Single)
9. El_Tezzy (Best New Act)
10. IssyMSK (OSMA Fans Choice Award)
11. Kwest (Best Artiste in Diaspora)
12. Seriki Poly (Best Act on Campus)
13. Pidru Records (Achievement in Artiste Management)
14. Sharpgist.com (Best Music Online Platform)
15. DJ Bobwhy (Achievement in Disk Jockey)
16. Mc Marcel (Achievement in Club Hype)
17. 02 Base Arena (Best Music Hangout)
2018 –
1. Feran Banks (3) (Song of the Year, Artiste of the Year, Best Alternative Song)
2. Lil_Legzy (2) (Best New Act & OSMA Fans Choice Award)
3. Fabexino (2) (Achievement in Lyrical Depth & Best Act on Campus)
4. Usherdee (Best Rap Single)
5. Prablue (Best Collaboration)
6. Olah DC (Achievement in Vocals)
7. Mz Moren (Best Female Performance)
8. Pkay (Best Street Hop/Dance Hall Song)
9. Hykaydee (Best R&B/Pop Single)
10. Young Oche (Best Artiste in Diaspora)
11. Shayopro (Music Producer of the year)
12. Chancy Entertainment (Achievement in Artiste Management)
13. Palito Media (Best Music Online Platform)
14. DJ Bobwhy (Achievement in Disk Jockey)
15. Hypeking Heddie (Achievement in Club Hype)
16. Shaunz Royale (Best Music Hangout)
2019 –
1. Prablue (2) (Song of the Year, Best R&B/Pop Single)
2. Bayziq (Artiste of the Year)
3. S2DK (Best New Act)
4. Phyzzy & Paladin (Best Rap Single)
5. DJ Bobwhy (Best Collaboration)
6. El_Moreno (Achievement in Vocals)
7. Horla Bee (Best Female Performance)
8. Lucky HD (Best Street Hop/Dance Hall Song)
9. Bennylee (Best Alternative Song)
10. Flex B (Best Artiste in Diaspora)
11.Blaqman (Music Producer of the year)
12. Legendary Vibes (Achievement in Artiste Management)
13. Jaytee (OSMA Fans Choice Award)
14. DJ Ruff (Achievement in Disk Jockey)
15. Hypeking Heddie (Achievement in Club Hype)
16. Shaunz Royale (Best Music Hangout)
17. Lizzy Folorunso (Gospel Song of the Year)
18. Olah DC & Maad Visuals (Music Video of the Year)
19. Gabazin (Best Act on Campus)
20. Jp3ple2 (Achievement in Lyrical Depth)

2020 –


  1. Olah DC (2)(Song of the year & Best Pop Single)
  2. LuckyHD (2) (Artiste of the year & Achievement in Lyrical Depth)
  3. S2DK (2)(Best Rap Single & OSMA Fans Choice)
  4. EL Moreno (Achievement in Vocals)
  5. Lacusjay (Best New Act)
  6. Olaktiz (Best R&B Single)
  7. 9jaadvocate (Best Street Hop/Dance Hall Song)
  8. Lil_Splash (Best Collaboration)
  9. Lizzy Folorunso (Best Female Performance)
  10. Nath (Gospel Song of the year)
  11. Miko Fridan (Best Alternative Song)
  12. Blown Music Worldwide (Achievement in Artiste Management)
  13. DJ Ruff (Achievement in Disk Jockey)
  14. MC Marcel (Achievement in Club Hype)
  15. Shaunze Royale (Best Music Hangout)
  16. Hannyphizzy (Music Video of the year)
  17. World Pharrell (Revelation of the year)
  18. Bennylee (Joint, Best Dressed Male)
  19. Young Oche (Joint, Best Dressed Male)
  20. Kaffy (Best Dressed Female)




The award platform was founded in October 2016 by Ayodele Ojo, a magazine publisher and David Olugbenga, an artiste manager.


OSMA TV, created to monitor and provide contents on activities of all entertainers in Ondo State and in diaspora.


Mars Promotions (Team OSMA)





Ayodele Ojo (Executive Producer & Creative Director)

Segun Sanusi (Head of Media)

Stephen Adebayo

Tunde Olukitibi

Folayemi Akintimehin

Olawale Jimoh



Femi Akinfemiwa (Event Manager & EP’s PA)

Tubosun Mogaji

Precious Aruwajoye (Head of Logistics)

DJ Venum

DJ Khoded

Aderinsola Ayodele



Justina Akeredolu

Peace Ogaji

Aanuoluwapo Akinsiku

Nifemi Ayodele

Ololade Omola



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