Bamisaye Ajomole popularly known with the stage Name – Bamy cruise, is a Nigeria / Canadian Artist ,Movie Producer , Actor, songwriter ,singer and Director of Bamy Cruise Studios based in Toronto Canada .
A Graduate of cinematography who had organized and performed massively at Live Shows in USA, South Africa and Toronto.


Bamy Cruise discovered his music talent and chose singing as a career at a tender age. He started singing at the age of 12 and composed his first song at 15. The first song he composed was an inspiration to many children at its time titled “Akoko Ko Duro” which led to the fame and popularity of his music back called 213 Group, especially in the community where he grew up.
Bamy Cruise has however been writing and performing songs across the globe.
According to Bamy Cruise, he’s been inspired by his environment, and music legend stars from the likes of Lucky Dube, King Sunny Adé and had always dreamt of becoming big Music in his life too.


Bamy Cruise produced his first song “Akoko ko duro” and released the song along with his music group (known as 213 Group) . His style of music is all-encompassing, from rap to reggae, from reggae to Afro-Hip-pop, from Hip-pop to classical; basically all genres of music. He have a unique style that makes fans stay glue to him .

Bamy Cruise uses Yoruba language and English in composing music, then mixes the Yoruba proverbs with English, pidgin English.

It is worth noting that as a big fan of fela and Orlando owo that he is, He started his singing career with rap music.

He launched his first Album Tilted ELEDA in the United State of America (U.S.A) Houston Texas, alongside it are songs titled TITI LAILAI, DANCING FLOOR, WHITE AND BLACK which would be package with the Album.

He sings and produces songs under SEA6 record Label which was also owned by home

Bamy cruise. songs talk about life, morals, spirituality, love and education.

He’s is fervently working alongside with big artist to enhance and make his career hit stardom

Bang cruise has sang and released quite a good number of songs since his debut Single “Akoko ko duro”

• Titi lailai

• Dancing floor

• White and Black and lots more


According to Bamy Cruise , He’s Presently working with ID Cabasa Company as an artist counteract having a recording contract with ID Cabasa .

“We are working on a new album 💿 that will feature more big guns in the game and new single will drop next month from the studio of ID Cabasa , producer ID Cabasa” .


. ID Cabasa

. Cmart

. Reliance

. Guzo


. LaSauce
. Kstly
. T.C.K



Bamy cruise is working on writing more great hit songs with powerful concept in mind that would inspire the youth to
work towards building a better future and also be held at every nook and cranny across the globe.


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Twitter – @bamycruise
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TikTok – @bamycruise

Edited by Evelyn Tabitha

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