5 BIG SONGS THAT DIDN’T WIN THE OSMAs (2017 – 2019 in Review)

By Ayodele Ojo

What makes a song big? That’s one question most music pundits do ask artistes and major stakeholders in the music industry. The weight of a song can be measured using its lyrical strength and how far have people rooted for the song. What’s it like for your song to be called a big song? Most songs released by most of our artistes nowadays are mostly average songs or even below average. In most music awards, any song that wins “Song of the Year” is adjudged the overall biggest and most successful song within the year in review, but much has been said of some songs that so many people have acclaimed to be bigger and better than those songs. As the biggest and the most prestigious indigenous music awards in the country, we take a look at some very big songs that broke our hearts has they walk away with nothing from The Resurgence in 2017 to the Convergence in 2019. Here are the 5 big songs that never won the OSMAs within 2017 to 2019:


With over 1 million naira spent on the song, from several onine and radio promotion and a very big concert to honour the big hit, the self-acclaimed Akure first son walked away from the second edition of the awards with no OSMA for the hit single. So many music lovers within and outside the State were heartbroken because they all gathered in the hall to cheer their very own on the success of the song. Nominated for Song of the Year and the now cancelled “recording of the year”, the song went home with nothing and this news stayed longer in people’s minds than anything that ever happened at the second OSMAs. Maybe Slimfit’s induction into the awards “Hall of Fame” was a bit of a consolation, we can never tell. He also lost to Bennylee in the Artiste of the Year Category. Nevertheless, Slimfit remains one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry within the State and beyond.


If there would be any painful occurrence in the State music industry than Unlimited Blessing not winning an OSMA at least in 2018 it would be Lil_Legzy’s death in November 16th same here. Another painful thing was that Rich Prince lost to the same artiste in the two categories the song was nominated for, Song of the Year and Best Alternative Single. Feran Banks clinched both categories and further won Artiste of the year in the same night. Many music pundits has called for the award body to review its voting platforms so that the fans won’t be the sole decider of who wins on the OSMA stage, but the award body has always stood on its ground to encourage artistes to build their fan base has it is the only way you can win after you have been nominated. Unlimited Blessing was like a national anthem that year and we will never forget the masterpiece anytime soon.


If the “Song of the Year” and Best “R&B/Pop Single” had been a non-voting platform that year, maybe Right Button would have won at least one of these two categories it was nominated for in 2018. After losing to Bennylee’s Paper in 2017 in the Song of the Year category with “Skadoo Dance”, the vocal king (as most of his newly found fans would call him) went back to the drawing board to record a much better sound in Right Button, but it still failed to win. The reason wasn’t far-fetched, he has a very weak fan base and even if the award body would have rated all the songs on the category according to number of votes, it won’t have made top 3 on the category. Nevertheless, Right Button remains a very big hit we can never forget in a jiffy.


It’s now very obvious that OSMA 2018 had more big songs that lost out and walked away with nothing. Another one of those heartbreaks was “That’s me”. This song was a promotional heavyweight that year. It was being played on several radio stations within the State and beyond and was on almost all major music portals across the country. Let’s say all these earned the song a place on the “Song of the Year” category but with the very stiff competition that year, the song needed more than dope content and good promotional activities to win. Die-hard fan base was the answer and with people like Feran Banks who had a very good influence on music lovers on social media, Solt and his hit song went home with nothing.


It would have been a bombshell, a disaster and maybe the whole world would have finally come to an end if Bayziq didn’t go home with at least an OSMA that night. With 7 nominations to his name and currently the highest nominated artiste in the history of the music awards, Bayziq had to settle for the “Artiste of the Year” category as “What Else” lost in the 2 categories it was nominated for at the awards. Prablue’s “Aisha” won the two categories – Song of the Year and Best R&B/Pop Single leaving the song to walk home with nothing. Bayziq fans out there would have lost all hopes has he had earlier lost in 4 nominations before “Artiste of the Year” which was the second to the last award of the night and it wasn’t looking like he will be going home with a trophy. It would have been the biggest lost in history of the awards if “Artiste of the Year” hadn’t come to rescue the almost disastrous moment for him.

Drop your comment if you agree with this list or not and you are also free to drop in the comment box your own 5 big songs that didn’t win the OSMAs.

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