[ARTICLE] What is Working For Bayziq? By Ayodele Ojo


By Ayodele Ojo

Surviving as an artiste in Ondo State looks like using a basket to fetch water from the stream. Few years ago, I personally knew some artistes that migrated to Lagos to find fame even when some of them are yet to conquer their environment, most of them are not well known on the street they grew up from. Many of them felt nothing good can come out of our darling sunshine state making them sojourn to the centre of excellence to see if they will be able to compete in an already well saturated music environment. Some decided to stay back, push their music to a reasonable level before considering migration, thanks to the annual Ondo State Music Awards for being part of the reasons why Ondo State is cool for music development.

One of those that decided to stay is Bayziq. Do you know Bayziq? If you don’t, by the end of this article, you will. I know the name rings more bell after the release of the official video of “What Else?”.

The name has actually been around for a while now. Igbeyawo Arewa caught my attention, and I was like this is the best wedding song have heard after Oruka by Sunny Nneji and Iyawo mi by Timi Dakolo. The song had this flow that will always make you reject your single relationship status. You always be feeling like taking her to the alter the next day. Although the song lost out to Feran Banks “Hello” in the best alternative song category at the 2018 OSMAs, maybe due to lack of fan base, but when it comes to good and classic songs, Igbeyawo Arewa won’t miss the top spot.
After the awards, Bayziq felt something was missing in his music goody bag (am thinking for him now), why would a big song like “Igbeyawo Arewa” lost the award just like that? “I have to do something” Bayziq said.

He thought deep and decided to start from his immediate environment, he wanted to know if he has street credibility. He organized an open air music concert tagged “Phorkish Night” which he also made a free show. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I had missed the great show. I was overwhelmed at the turn out and I concluded that night that if Bayziq was to be politician, he will win any elective post easily in his street. As if Phorkish Night wasn’t enough, he released a street anthem for all hustlers. “What Else?” made number one spot on OSMA TV Monthly Music Chart in December 2018 and Number two in January 2019. I thought in my mind that all this vibes Bayziq is creating is in a bid to increase his fan base and followers, What Else?

We all know the rest of the story. I feel hard work is working for Bayziq at the moment. His movements since November 2018 and now shows absolute takeover is very close and I won’t be surprised if he shuts down the so called Centre of Excellence.