[OSMA 2019] Nath – “Modupe”

Modupe is an in depth feeling of gratitude delivered in a song, it was conceived first as an idea which later gave rise to its weighted lyrics,(a mix of yourba and English). This 3/4 genre will catapult you into realms where you cannot but melt before God’s presence.

Adedoyin Nathaniel, an altar puppet popularly know as Nath is a lover of music, song writer, minister, and an instrumentalist whose aim is to deliver edifying contents that will not be limited to the congregation. He is an admirer of folk music and has delivered a savoury cover to Segun Akinlolu’s “Oro aye soro” on stage through an ample opportunity from C’boy (Ayokunle Ajisafe) which has continuously enjoyed suited relief from its listeners.

The experience during the recording of modupe is best described as a six minutes of heart felt gratitude to messiah. It was produced by Adesina Olwasegun, mixed and mastered at Boh studios.

As you download I await your testimonies on the other side