ADUFE. From ‘Heart on Fire’ to ‘Ariwo Oja’, to mention a few. Coming at a time when Christians all over the world are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died because he loves them. There’s no better time to have this lovesong, than now. ‘ADUFE’ is contemporary, traditional, classical, yet it is modern. Percussions are fire. Instrumentals are volcano. Lyrics are tsunami. If you have been following IK NELSON, you would agree that he’s a time-bomb already exploding in the Music…, no, Entertainment Industry as a whole. The wait is finally over. I vow that if you are disappointed after listening to this jam, I’ll refund your data. Am I not Bashorun Darlington! Have I not put this song on indefinite replay! Am I not telling you to Download, Listen to, Enjoy and Share this Jam of Fire! Hello, scroll down a bit. Yes, that’s the Download button. Oya, click on it, let’s see what happens next.