By Ayodele Ojo


Benjamin Olamigoke Adewola mind not ring a bell but when you hear “BennyLee”, you will remember one of the most versatile artiste we have in Ondo State and beyond. Omo Mama Eleja is more than just an EP, its a compilation of versatility, uniqueness, lyrical depth, vocal strength etc. I can vividly say its the one of the biggest achievement in the music industry this year. One of the reasons why Bennylee has always remained in the top flight is his professionalism and zeal for good promotion. Bennylee has all his songs on top websites in Nigeria and he has plans to do more everyday. The self acclaimed ” Eruku ton pago Lori jetli” is mighty force to reckon with in the music industry. He recently bagged 4 nominations in the on going Ondo State Music Awards, The Resurgence 2017.


Check out the full review of the EP Album:



This is vividly a Fela Style. Bennylee fits in to any genre of music, name it. This sound as its own uniqueness, no wonder its produced by the hit maker himself, Neus on the beat. The particular track shows the versatility of Bennylee. I heard Ellywhite took the background voice, but am not sure.


*FEDI* (ft. Leke Lee)

This is the best dance hall song have heard recently. Its more than perfect, its already given “perfection” another challenge. The combination of Bennylee’s street vibes and Leke lee’s maturity mounted on a Timmy Y magic finger makes this tune a fully baked party jam. All DJ’s needs this song.



Should I call it the underdog track in the EP Album, “No”. This song has its own uniqueness. It tells a tale of how not to give up. Success is always on the next door.


*PAPER* (ft. Scripts)

Virtually Benny lee’s biggest song this year. Nominated for Song of the Year & Best Collaboration on the Ondo State Music Awards, The Resurgence 2017. The hustle inspired song made its way to the number one on many music platform chart. Blessed by exceptional lyrics from Scripts and an outstanding sound from Timmy Y. Paper remains an anthem for real hustlers.


*PICTURE* (ft. Tpops & Superwozzy)


This song is beyond our nationality. I don’t understand the motive behind this tune. Produced by a foreign hit maker from USA, Donald Frank. The Trio did justice to the sound. Trust Tpops and Superwozzy any day.


*BUHARI HOW FAR?* (ft Alagapidru)


This is a solidarity motivated song. Nominated for Beat Alternative Single in Ondo State Music Awards 2017. Produced by Timmy. Listen to this song and you will understand the level of injustice amongst our leaders.




Popular for its extraordinary use of word plays and rhythms. Many already said its their best song on the EP (those who love rap and good lyrics). Never knew DTL is this good.. I call him Olamide’s god son. Produced by Dr Crude.


*MAKE IT* (ft Dr. Crude)

Also Produced by Dr. Crude. I had to wait till Dr Crude’s Verse before I wrote this. Reason been that, Benny Lee will always deliver, versatility is in his blood already. Dr Crude has some chronic lines. I had to look for my Yoruba dictionary.



I personally love this track. I love the concept of the acapella sound at the back ground. He can sing, he can rap, I don’t know if he can dance. This is another achievement in lyrical depth. “Street call me Banjamin like say I be Last Born” chai Bennylee… Produced by Timmy Y.


*MONEY BAG* (ft. Deola & MFB)

Virtually the best collaboration on the EP. Deola and his Flows, MFB and his unique accent (scarce in this part of the country). Bennylee, bless me with a money bag. The boy that clears throat before dropping his shii.. Produced by Timmy Y.


Is this Apala, or what self, I don’t even understand again. Which planet is Bennylee from? He can do everything in music. Please make sure you listen to this one and tell me if am right or wrong. Produced by Neus.



Speaking in his Ikale dialect.. Mother sells fish (roasted, fresh, fried… I don’t know) All I know is that his mother sells fish. But with this Ikale dialect, I need Adolescx to interpret to me. Its a perfect curtain raiser to the EP. Produced by Dr. Crude.


This song has the deepest lyrics have heard in years.  “many rapper don do DEMO (Demo NN) wey them call track…… An OSMA “peace” motivated song will always be evergreen because it has been inducted to one of our theme songs. Failed to make to 2017 nomination in achievement in lyrical depth category but we doing this song the honour of a regular performance in any OSMA event. Produced by Timmy Y.



A different tune with a different sound and style. You still Confused about who Bennylee is? Just listen to this song. Produced by Dr Crude.


*TITI* (ft. Lyrical Sniper)

Which dance steps will you dance to this song? They are doing it in their Ikale dialect again. Am not from Ikale. I will just dance to the sound. Thank God its produced by Dr. Crude.



Our own very DJ Kahaled did justice to the intro skit. Trust the Pidru Records boss any day.